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The Hooters (USA) Vergrößern

The Hooters (USA)


12. Juli 2021

20 Uhr (Einlass 19 Uhr)

Dresden, Club Tante Ju

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Als THE HOOTERS 1980 erstmals in der Musikszene von Philadelphia auftauchen, erobern sie mit rasanter Geschwindigkeit die East Coast. Ihre einzigartige Mischung aus Ska, Reggae und Rock n Roll machen ihren frischen und kraftvollen Sound so erfolgreich.

Nach zahlreichen Tourneen und Hits „Johnny B“ beschließen THE HOOTERS, eine wohlverdiente Pause einzulegen und sich auf diverse Soloprojekte zu konzentrieren.

Für ihre neue Tour zum 40 (!) jährigen Jubiläum habe THE HOOTERS eine besondere Nachricht für ihre Fans.

We, The Hooters, are proud to announce "20 + 20", our 40th Anniversary tour!

It's hard to believe so much time has passed since our very first show in June 1980 at a small venue near our hometown of Philadelphia, PA, USA. Since then, our fantastic ride together has surpassed any of our hopes and dreams for our little rock-and-roll band. It has taken us from the "funkiest" clubs of Philly to incredible trips around the world with concerts in Australia, Japan, Canada, and most importantly Europe, where we found a loyal and enthusiastic audience starting in 1987 and which continues to this day.

We are particularly excited to spend most of this 2020 Anniversary celebration with extended summer tours in Germany, which has truly become a "second home" to our band. Not only do we have such incredible fans in Deutschland but also now have great friends there and an amazing crew who help us put this show on the road night after night.

So for that, we thank our German fans, friends, promoters and crew in advance and very much look forward to sharing this wonderful milestone in our musical adventure - come get Hooterized!!

See you all soon...